The Kulik Sialang women’s groups through the afternoon writing class on January 16, 2020, they were in cold air without sunshine carrying out activities based on the groups agenda. This writing class aims to enable Kulik Sialang women to carry out their narratives of knowledge and experience independently. From this class they produce writing about how important land is to them, also about their role in work in the garden and at home.

Like the previous class activity, this activity was attended by a group of Kulik Sialang women and was carried out happily. The cold atmosphere of the village was able to be refracted by the laughter of Kulik Sialang women’s who had never written before and were invited to write with 2 instructors who guided them namely Dedek Hendry from Lembaga Kajian Advokasi dan Edukasi  (LivE)  Indonesia, also active as a journalist for The Jakarta Post and Harry Siswoyo chairman of Aliansi Jurnalis Independen. The loud and laughing voices of the women made the class fun, so it didn’t feel like they were learning. The familiarity of the Kulik Sialang women’s groups also adds excitement when they write together. As if there was no fatigue, they were always enthusiastic in any activity, for example playing Volly and learning together. They want to be smart even though it’s not young anymore.

This writing class begins by opening up thoughts and making women aware of the knowledge and experience they have, the importance of writing and showing the natural knowledge of women’s experiences. The writing activities with the Kulik Sialang women’s groups were carried out in stages, starting from making them dare to show their knowledge and experience, tricks in writing and then making writings.

Starting from the idea about land or plantations of women’s groups, then determine the topics to be contained in their writings, until compile it into a writing of their own work. Of course, re-checking their writing becomes a point that should not be missed before they finally publish their writing.

According to Kulik Sialang women’s, land is a life, a place to live and earn a living. The land of the Kulik Sialang community as a fulfillment of the daily needs of the household, the cost needs and household expenditure up to as a legacy of the future.

Sartini is 27 years old as Kulik Sialang women’s who has a role in plantation and household activities have a son in grade 2 elementary school, into her writings the land is like a heart, pumping blood that flows throughout the body. If the heart stops beating then die of that body. That is land, if land is taken by another then her family life will die. Her brown skin gave a sign of Sartini’s persistence in playing a dual role at the same time in plantations activities and domestics (household) activities.

The other Kulik Sialang women’s aged more than 35 years old who joined the groups, in their writings also agreed that land is very important. It was from the land that the Kulik Sialang community could live, earn a living, pay for children’s education and the costs other needs. It is inconceivable to them that the agricultural land that they have owned and managed since 1995 if it must belong to the company. Communities who had been able to manage their own land, set their own suitability of plantation activities with the time they have, and the important thing is to enjoy the harvest from their own gardens so that it can reduce the burden of daily household expenses, instead becomes uncomfortable because it earns income from wages, hitchhike in the land of other people and other scary things come to mind in their minds.

Not without reason, Kulik Sialang women’s dare to voice out their land rights loudly, bravely due to the inclusion of PT. Ciptamas Bumi Selaras on their land. The prosperity of the palm oil company has hurt the efforts of the people of Kulik Sialang to build and manage the land since 1995, where the condition was still a jungle, until finally they began to manage by planting coffee, pepper, rubber, areca nut, chili, and others like today.

This is about the narration made by Kulik Sialang women’s. Spirit and enthusiasm of the women in the writing class provides evidence that, Kulik Sialang women’s have a strong desire to develop their potential. Now through this writing class, Kulik Sialang women’s will continue to develop in producing narratives related to their knowledge and experience. The narrative about their land also has great potential to continue to be narrated by Kulik Sialang women’s as an increase in their capacity and courage to voice their land rights.